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Take a look at our product that our company has to offer. We can assure the quality and durability of the products.

Yarker Cool Deck

YK PU Deck, Double Deck PU and OPP Deck (3 in 1)

Excellent heat resistance, good sound absorption, mechanical and dimensional stability of roof assembly. Reduction of construction expenditures in term of labour usage, transportation, storage and purchasing costs.

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Yarker Metal Roofing

YK Deck, Hight Ribs Deck, YK Clip Lock, Crimp Curve Capping and C Purlin.

High Tensile and commercial quality metal roofing deck  from 0.23mm TCT to 0.48mm TCT , High Quality Material of PPGI and PPGL,Warrantee from 10 - 20 year.

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Yarker Step Roofing

YK Tile Roofing and Mei Hwa Tile Roofing, able to add an OPP paper for heat resistance.

Step roofing is the great outlook and the most popular products for the house roofing, Easy installation and last longer than the classical tile roofing.

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Yarker Turbine Ventilator

Variety of choice from size 4″ to 24″ ventilator.

*Stainless Steel Made
Stainless Steel makes ventilator strong and durable of use and resistance wear. to improve personal comfort level and working environment, Especially, excellent protection again heavt rainfall

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