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YK PU Deck

Width : 762mm
Thickness :0.35mm to 0.48mm TCT
Rib Height : 23mm

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Product Description

YK PU DECK has all the characteristics of metal deck, fibreglass, aluminium and chicken net all built into a single product. It is featured with rounded ribs for better sidelaps and laminated with a layer of PU(polyurethane) foam through High-tech compress machinery

Applications Roof
Building Type Residential, Commericial, Industrial, Institutional , Public
Features Heat Endurance (120 °C)
Heat Insulation
Embossed PVC film prevents water condensation
Strong adhesive properties
Separated bubble structure is non-absorbent
Durable (lasts for 10 years)
Withstands acids, alkalis and other chemicals
Separated bubble structure is sound resistant
YK PU Double Deck & Crimp Curve PU
  • Excellent Heat and Sound Insulation
  • Light Weight and lasting quality
  • PU foam :18mm – 20mm
  • Thickness of Metal Deck: 0.35mm TCT to 0.48mm TCT

YK PU Double Deck YK Crimp Curve

Thickness(TCT) Width of coverage Yield Strength Rib High Min. Pitch (Max.Length:40ft)
0.48mm 760-762mm 550 23mm
0.45mm 760-762mm 550 23mm
0.40mm 760-762mm 550 23mm
0.35mm 760-762mm 550 23mm

Recommended Maximum Roof Length (G550/M)

Rainfall intensity(mm/hr)
150 50 60 80
200 39 50 60
250 30 40 48
300 26 30 40

Coil High standard PPGI and PPGL coil
Base Material High Tensile (Hi-Ten) and Comercial Quality (CQ)
Thickness 0.35mm TCT to 0.48mm TCT
PU Foam Thisckness 18mm to 20mm
Length Custom length
Tolerance +_0.02mm


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