Roof ventilation is an essential component to consider when you are renovating your house. Locals in Malaysia know the condition of the upper floors in a terrace house during a hot summer day. Installing a roof ventilation system does not only keep the house cooler, but it also reduces your electricity consumption and cost.

Roof ventilation saves homeowners good money that is often spent on paying electricity bills. The good news is, if you are planning to ventilate your roof, you do not require major renovation unless you are planning to give your home a complete makeover.

The turbine roof ventilation fan is an efficient tool to ventilate the attic. This fan is round in shape and can be easily installed on the crest of your roof. This stainless steel turbine ventilator is produced by Yarker Industries in Malaysia and has proved to be a very strong and durable ventilator. It comes in sizes from 14” to 30”.

Its design allows it to remove all the hot air from the attic. The hot air inside the attic naturally rises and escapes through this turbine. When the wind blows and turbine spins, the small added suction effect completely remove all the hot air from the attic.

Turbine Ventilators do not cause excessive noise and require no maintenance on a regular basis. They are lightweight and do not require changing or servicing of parts throughout their service year. The lightness of the turbine roof ventilator provides design flexibility and makes its installation possible almost anywhere on your roof without making any structural changes.

Turbine roof ventilators are well protected from short circuits and overloading as they don’t have an electrical mechanism. They also prevent the accumulation of smoke in case of fire outbreak.

Turbine ventilator is resistant to both alkali and acids, making itself suitable for installation on residential, and commercial properties, as well as, paper mills, electroplating factories, paper mills, food manufacturing factories and factories located in coastal areas.

Yarker Industries has two main types of turbine ventilators, Wind Ventilator and Power Ventilator. They remove excess heat and moisture from the attic; improves personal comfort level and the environment at home and workplace, making it more healthy. They also offer better air extraction and provide excellent protection from heavy rain.