PU metal deck is considered to be the most durable, cost-effective and efficient insulation for your home.

Yarker Industries is very proud to introduce their brand new double PU Metal Deck. It is a complete insulation system that is built using the latest roofing technology. The PU Metal Deck mainly consists of 3 layers, that include, a pre-painted steel sheet, a layer of steel sheet that is laminated with a layer of PU(polyurethane) foam through High-tech compress machinery.

PU metal deck provides the roof with very effective sound absorption and heat insulation mechanism. The steel sheet allows the foam to withstand all types of damage during transportation and construction. It’s features include:

  • Heat Endurance (120 °C)
  • Heat Insulation
  • Embossed PVC film prevents water condensation
  • Strong adhesive properties
  • Separated bubble structure is non-absorbent
  • Durable (lasts for 10 years)
  • Withstands acids, alkalis and other chemicals
  • Separated bubble structure is sound resistant

PU metal decks are being widely used in Malaysia for the construction of roofs, as well as, walls of warehouses, factories, workshops, freezing storage, poultry farms, schools, supermarkets, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, dormitories, residential houses, mobile homes and many other non-industrial facilities as well.

What sets apart PU metal decks manufactured by Yarker Industries is that they have all the characteristics of a metal deck, aluminium, fibreglass, as well as, chicken net, all built into one single product.

PU Double Deck and Crimp Curve PU by Yarker Industries offers excellent heat and sound insulation. It is comparative light in weight and also has a lasting quality. The length of the PU foam is approximately 18mm – 20mm and the thickness of the Metal Deck is about 0.35mm TCT to 0.48mm TCT.

The best thing about PU foam is that it is a complete insulated roofing panel offering outstanding thermal efficiency to residential, commercial and industrial properties. Each metal roof deck is factory manufactured using bonding CFC-free Rigid Polyurethane (PU) foam. These insulated metal roofing panels can be easily distinguished by a combination of their high insulation characteristic, as well as through it’s low weight. The interior lamination of the PU deck is glossy and also textured to create an aesthetically attractive look and appearance.

If you are interested in installing an insulation system on your property, than you must contact Yarker Industries, the company that has become extremely popular in Malaysia for providing premium quality metal roofing products. Through utmost commitment in quality and dedication towards maintaining strategic partnerships, this company from Taiwan has quickly grown into a leading supplier of quality metal roofing product. Today Yarker Industries has become the first company to introduce PU FOAM technology into the local market.

Get in touch with Yarker Industries today to find out the best insulation system and roofing material for your property.