Do you think that metal roofs in Malaysia provide special ventilation needs and fulfill condensation concerns when they are installed on homes?

Unless your home is built in a specific manner that does not require attic ventilation (for example, hot attic or conditioned space or an insulated panel construction), you need to have a proper roof ventilation system for your home that can remove all the hot air that builds up inside your home.

Roof Ventilation is Energy Efficient

Roof ventilation is needed during the summer to vent all the heat out of the attic. It reduces air conditioning costs. For a good number of years, various building science experts have focused on the concept of reflectivity and how it can effectively keep heat out of the attic. While cool roofs are a great idea, numerous tests have shown that having a good ventilation system installed on the roof quickly removes all heat out of the attic and makes the home energy efficient.


Huge amount of moisture is generated inside your home’s living space. It is primarily generated by laundry, bathing, showers, cooking, houseplants, and even ventless stoves. That moisture originates in the living space of your home and also migrates upwards and, if there is not reliable vapor barrier behind your home’s ceilings, all the moisture ends up in the attic.

Once the moisture is inside the attic, this warm, moisture-laden air quickly reaches a cool surface, and condenses. This resulting condensation can really create an unhealthy environment that is prone to support mildew, mold, and other biological growth in your house. Having a roof ventilation system installed on your roof top and a well-vented attic will help keep your attic’s insulation absolutely dry, hereby increasing its effectiveness. When it gains moisture, the insulation loses a considerable amount of R-Value, as well as effectiveness.

Having a reliable roof ventilation system is good for your home. Every home needs a ventilation system that can offer continuous air exchanges freely in the attic. When the outside air flows inside the attic at the bottom of the roof, it travels along the underside of your roof deck. When you are evaluating the ventilation in your attic, it is very important for you to check and make sure that the check the condition of their intake vents, because blockages can happen over time when you add insulation to your home.

Metal roofing offers great ventilation system for your home. They are available in a variety of colors and shades and styles. They are virtually indistinguishable today from traditional slate, cedar and asphalt shingles.

Metal roofs rely on static ventilation. They create air movement by using natural airflow rather than the electric fans. Static ventilation is a very simple concept that removes the heat that builds up inside the attics during warm weather.

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